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Poetry from within

All my love and more

Hi sweetheart, how are you?

I thought Iíd drop you a line

Just to say Iím thinking of you

I hope that you are fine

I know I shouldnít think about

The job youíre trained to do

But when I see it on the news

It just makes me think of you

Donít worry about us back home

Weíre fine now, do you hear?

Just focus on the job at hand

There is no need to fear

Watch out for your Ďbrothersí

Make sure you keep your head down low

Keep your eyes and ears open

Wherever you must go

If the enemy is closing in

And things start getting rough

Then you must do what youíre trained to do

Even though it will be tough

Should your conscience start to grate

Deep down you know whatís true

You may have to kill, that will be hard

But itís either them Ö or you

Remember, the weeks are passing one by one

Each one brings you closer to home

Until then, as promised, Iíll keep in touch

By letter, or by phone

I hope youíve made a list of things

To do when this tour is done

So when you come home, we can start from the top

Completing them one by one

I know we miss each other terribly

Itís only natural that we do

So I am sending you a great big hug

With lots of kisses too

See you soon my sweetheart

Iím so very proud of you

Stay low, move fast, stay safe and well

Remember, I love you

All my love and moreÖ Mum xxx

Michaela Turner