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Poetry from within

Holiday From Hell


Sheer bliss,

wish you were here,

I text on Christmas day

to members of my family

back home.

Next day

laid on the beach

I lift my glass and toast

ĎAnother day in paradiseí

Sheer bliss

But then,

somewhere out there,

a gigantic landslip

at the bottom of the ocean.



the tsunami,

a huge wall of water

decimating all in itsí path.


Beach bars,

buildings, boats, cars,

the great palms that swayed

so gently in the balmy breeze.

All gone.

My fate?

Iím swept along

atop this great maelstrom,

crushed by mountains of debris. Aaahhh,

the pain.

Then calm,

a pause in time.

Such deafening silence

before realisation turns to


So numb,

limbs senseless now.

Though the sun shines fiercely,

warmth slowly ebbs from my body,

so cold.

Days pass,

still mayhem here,

as the sleek silver bird

wings my shattered corpse to England,

to home.

Tom Porter