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Poetry from within

The Firmís Christmas Party

Now once again the time has come

The Season of Good Cheer

And the mandatory Office Party

With Food and Wine and Beer

So now Iím out of the shower

Iíve got to look my best

When I join all my fellow workers

For this year Xmas Fest

Iíve telephoned for a Taxi

To save dear Hubby the chore

Of talking me to my night out

Like heís done so many times before

So by the time that arrived at the Restaurant

The party was in full swing

All the girls were dancing

And the men the usual thing

Knocking back pint after pint

Instead of drinking in moderation

By the way they seem to be chucking them down

Itís like theyíre drinking for the Nation

But us Ladies we are more in control

At the moment anyway

But what might happen later

Itís very hard to say

The beer and wine is flowing nicely

And underneath the Mistletoe the girls are getting kissed

But some of the men hands are wandering

And some girls tell them to desist

But as we all know it is inevitable that someone goes over the top

Out of his brains, carries on until heís told to stop

But generally everyoneís enjoying themselves

As most of them know the score

Sing up drink up and be merry my lads

Cos thatís what the Partyís for

And as the evening comes to a close

The Management call out loud and clear

I trust youíve all enjoyed yourselves

Merry Christmas and see you all next Year .

7th December 2009

Dennis Shrubshall