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Poetry from within

The Dawn

July twenty seventh two thousand and nine

A mammogram check, well worth the time

I wait in the car so I don’t have to pay

Then Debs made that call on her mobile to say

I might have the cancer, (I heard her voice shake)

The seconds took minutes, please let me awake?

I leapt from the car and went to her side

I found her and held her together we cried

The shock was intense the disbelief real

We sat in our bubble unsure how to feel

We then had to wait, go back in and see

Were they correct or were we now free

We sat there outside as we waited to hear

The news we all think will never come near

We went in the room and they said all the words

We thanked them and left them and set off homewards

And then to our children we now had to go

To tell them the news letting bravery show

Deb told our son and he held her so tight

Our rock on that day and he said that we’d fight

I went to get Heather and tell her the news

Her work said no problem forget all the rules

She came out of work and she sat by my side

She got such a shock, we hugged and we cried

The worst of the feelings that hit me that day

Was the fear in Debs eyes, “I’m frightened” she’d say

I couldn’t defend her, I couldn’t protect

How do I fight what I can not affect?

My Debbie is wonderful sweet and so kind

A friend of all people none nicer you’ll find

So why did God do this why did he allow

The cancer to visit my girl and right now

I don’t understand and I don’t want to know

I’m angry I’m frightened but can’t let it show

My upbringing said that men are so strong

I feel my heart breaking so that theory’s wrong


The lump is removed and my Deb is back home

I lay with her daily just us two alone

We lay here and cuddle each other so much

We’re quickly becoming the other ones crutch

The kids are fantastic they each do their bit

They help with the chores and with their Mum sit

They’re wonderful people so good and so fine

I’m proud every day to know they are mine

The month is now August the day twenty fifth

We go back tomorrow with upper lip stiff

The results they will tell us there’s nowhere to hide

Please God be good news for my beautiful bride

To be continued.......................

Mac Macdonald

Poem Background info: On the 27th of July 2009 my wife Debbie was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is the start of our journey........