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Poetry from within

Kiss MeÖ Then Walk Away

Kiss me my love; then walk away

Please, do not say goodbye

Just turn away, donít look back

For you may see me cry

I donít want you to see

The tears on my face

As I watch you leave

For a far off place

Cherish this moment

Keep it locked in your heart

Let it give you comfort

Whilst we are apart

If you feel lonely,

Lost and alone

In your heart Iíll be with you

From dusk until dawn

Keep your eyes focussed

Keep your mind strong

Do what you have to do

Pray nothing goes wrong

If things start getting bad

Dig down deep inside

Know that I am always with you

Right there, by your side

Iíll pray each night for you sweetheart

To the stars above the moon

Iíll ask the angels to keep you safe

And to bring you home to me soon

Well my love, I wish you Godspeed

Iím so proud of what you do

Remember Iíll be waiting

Remember, I love you

Michaela Turner