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Poetry from within

To Kathy and Nick on their special day.

I think with pride of the things you’ve done,

And those you plan to do.

The times we shared together,

Kathy- Thanks for being you,

And from those precious times

One memory to share with all.

A Cotswold dawn in Wychwood,

Awakening birds start to sing

Dawn chorus replacing the morning star.

A tiny figure on the bonnet of my car,

Hands gently resting on my shoulder.

Eyes open wide in wonderment.

Then a gentle whisper “Grandad there”,

A tiny finger points to where

The dainty Roe Deer breakfast,

Trotting out to enhance the scene,

A mind picture so beautiful, clear and true.

Unequalled by old masters, or flashed on a silver screen.

Now a memory to add to that chest of gold,

Made by the young, cherished by the old.

May your days be long,

Your love stay strong,

For the best is yet to come.

A. R. Lewis