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Poetry from within


Flicker flicker fire and smoke

My flame it burns my smoke it chokes

I can be friend I can be foe

But will you learn? The answerís no

In your house I bide my time

Small and flickering working fine

But if you donít protect your home

Iíll make it mine and all you own

Silent first youíll hear me not

Licking round your babyís cot

Up the bunk of sleeping kids

As what I do you canít forbid

And if you wake to hear my roar

then it's too late Iím at your door

Suffocating, burning eyes

Another family sleeps and dies

But there is one that warns of me

A friend to you so easily

A smoke detector is its name

It warns you of my deadly game

But as they need new batteries

Or checking on a Saturday

You canít be bothered, youíll be all right

Thanks to you Iíll kill tonight

And when I visit kill and maim

I hear those words each time again

ďI wish to God Iíd checked them outĒ

Regret will eat you up no doubt

To your family please be good

Check detectors when you should

Donít be lazy donít cut cost

Or all your loved ones may be lost

So when you give that goodnight kiss

please think of me and think of this

If you donít check them Iíll be round

to burn your house down to the ground

Mac Macdonald