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Poetry from within

Stay Low, Move Fast, Stay Safe

Once again another tour of duty

Takes you loved ones far from home

But one thing you must always remember

Is that you will never be alone

We値l think about you day and night

Keep your love deep in our hearts

We値l stay as strong as we can be

Whilst we are miles apart

Keep thoughts of us inside your hearts

So your minds stay clear and strong

To keep focussed on your duties

Then nothing will go wrong

As you go out there to that place of hell

Do what you must do

Always keep this thought in mind

We are extremely proud of you

We will not lie, we値l miss you

We値l worry and we値l pray

But one thing you can be sure of

We池e behind you all the way

Whatever this tour may throw at you

We know you値l face it and move on

But should certain events bother you

Be strong and talk to someone

We know that all you soldiers

Must be strong and hide your fears

But even the bravest soldiers

Are allowed to shed their tears

Trust your fellow brothers

For they値l put their trust in you

Watch over one another

And see each other through

Now, remember please, three golden rules

As you go and face that strafe

The rules we always say to you

Stay low, move fast, stay safe

God Bless you brave soldiers
We池e proud of you all
Stay safe always
See you soon xxx

Michaela Turner