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Poetry from within

Beware of the Message You Give.
For Children Will Always
Seek Answers

Mummy, can I pack a shoebox for the soldiers?’

‘No dear, I’m afraid you can’t’

‘Who says?’

‘The MOD says’.

‘Mummy, what about sweets

Can I send sweets to the soldiers?’

‘No sweetheart you cannot’

‘Who says?’

‘The MOD says’

‘Mummy can I send a card, a card

To the soldiers to say I care?’

‘Darling a card you cannot send’

‘Who says?’

‘The MOD says’

‘Just one mince pie then, like the one

I leave for Daddy – I mean Santa’

‘Not even that my angel, not even that,

The MOD said.’

‘Now no more questions, it’s time for your bed.

I’ve presents to wrap myself tonight.’

Brushed off, unhappy and not understanding

the girl tucked her slippers under the bed.

From the bookshelf she selected a Christmas Carol

and under the covers, by the light of the torch

she read it from cover to cover.

Now she understood.

But it was all Bah Humbug to her.

Jan Hedger