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Poetry from within

Five More Minutes

“Wakey wakey rise and shine,

Come on sleepy head

Open your eyes come on wake up,

It’s time to get up from your bed”

“Just five more minutes and I’ll get up,

I’m so comfy in this spot,

It’s nice and warm don’t make me move,

Just five more minutes, is not a lot”

You look at them so peaceful

All tucked up in their bed

You grant them five more minutes

For their sleepy little head

As you head downstairs

You close their bedroom door

Those five minutes seem so pitiful

So you wait five minutes more

After all it’s five more minutes

Where they are safe and sound

No more missiles falling

No more sandy ground

When you think of all they’ve been through

Of all the sights they’ve seen

Those five more precious minutes

Let’s them finish off their dream

Dreams of better places

Than the ones from whence they came

Five more sleepy minutes

Of peace and calm again

Sleep tight brave hearts

Good Night God Bless

Michaela Turner