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Poetry from within

Good is Good

Good is Good, it does not need,

To be seen through the lens of Creed.

And Heresyís an ugly word,

When used to protect the absurd.

The worth of a man is measured by

The deed he does with head held high;

The knowledge that his work is just;

And worthy of anotherís trust.

To be a man of Faith: Or not;

Should be a thing of choice.

Those, who have religion, got,

Or not; should have a voice!

The point that I have laboured here,

To the astute, is very clear.

For Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew,

Atheist, Agnostic this is so true,

Just get along and let there be

Some peace for a piece of History

It can come true, it can be done,

Not every problem needs a gun!

Mark Rand