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Poetry from within

A sailor's farewell

As I walked through the gates for the very last time

And heard them close behind

My eyes were closed by a flood of tears

As the thoughts seemed so refined

The memories, to me, came flooding back

Of happiness and sorrow

As I realized that what was past

Would not be there tomorrow

The furlough’s and the binges

And the women we’ve loved at a cost

The battles in which we’ve taken part

And the colleagues that we’ve lost

Was I right to sign away my life

Not knowing what I could have had

But that was all so long ago

When I was but a mere lad

But the clock can never backward turn

And you’re a “civvie” now

So pick up your bags and forward go

Wipe that worried look from your brow

It’s time to plan your future

For fate can be unkind

You’ll never forget your time in the Andrew

It’s eternal on your mind

Dennis Shrubshall