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Poetry from within


Who was there to hear my first cry

When into this world I was born

To bring to my Mother the gift of love

On a Winters day ‘fore dawn

She cherished me like a Mother should

And fed me and mad sure I was warm

Then washed me and suitably clothed me

Taking care that I came to no harm

With 4 brothers and a sister to join me

A happy Family we became

All proud of this lady our Mother

With love she treated us all the same

When War came so did her worries

To feed us all was a chore

Mother would often have nothing to eat

So that we could have just that little food more

But love was there in abundance

And it grew with us through Life

Although to us this lovely lady was our Mother

To our Dad she was his loving Wife

To try to repay the love that she’s shown

We all loved her in return like no other

For we were her loving Family

And she was always our Darling Mother

Dennis Shrubshall