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Poetry from within

My 'Jake' of 16 Summers

4th August 2007

It doesn’t seem that long ago

When we both first saw Jake

A little Jack Russell puppy

Which to our home we’d take

He did the things that puppies do

Even wee’d upon the floor

And after a couple of warnings

He didn’t do that no more

He’d play out in the Garden

Or even welcome a walk

But he became impetuous

If we dared to stop and talk

He’s been our friend for 16 years

Alongside little Nettle

Our other tiny canine friend

Who’s really in fine fettle

But just like us they’re growing old

And Jake is past his prime

And as his health is failing

He’s in his Basket a lot of the time

To us they’re more than a couple of dogs

And on us their life depends

Our Memories will be Eternal

Of our Little Canine Friends.


Dennis Shrubshall

FootNote: I was asked by the owners to write a memorial to Jake before he died so they would have a memento and it was posted on a site when he died. Shrubby