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Poetry from within

A Scene from Tuscany

New Year in Tuscany

Moody and magnificent

Full of contradictions

Hints of spring

Yet awhile away

A taste of sunshine

Exuding gentle warmth

A stark reminder

The cold air bites

‘Hey! Its winter

And I’m still here!’

Cloaked in mist

And low lying cloud

The hills rest

In their private space

Gathering strength

For the summer ahead

Rain falls, replenishing

Feeding the earth

Passive in its waiting

For germination

As the Poplar’s,

Stand tall, all seeing

Sentinels of the land

Ever watching

The drama unfold

Of a New Year

In Tuscany

Jan Hedger

FootNote: I wrote this on my return from Tuscany, the last time I was there – for the New Year. In ten days, all weather patterns occurred, except snow!
The poem was put on the back burner, as I felt it needed more work, but then I thought, I’d share it with you all anyway!