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Poetry from within

Playing with fish

To play with fish? Well it is possible.

So long as your hands are gentle and patient,

He lies there quietly, tail gently swaying,

Then a quick pounce, at some morsel he fancies.

Now lay flat on your stomach, hands outstretched,

Next work one hand slowly, up behind him,

The other hand moves to reach out in front,

To drop in a worm without making a splash,

And when he dives forward to grab his catch,

Just move your hand up from where he started.

Now he’ll float back to his favourite spot.

This time it’s your hand on which he settles.

Just let him get used to its different feel,

Then slowly allow your fingers to tremble,

Tickling his tummy, and just like a puppy

He will wriggle and squirm, asking for more.

Now you can try a worm held between fingers,

Be patient, and wait till he spots it.

Then he will move forward and eat from your hand.

And that’s when you say “Yes ,Play, Play,

I play with the fish in the river”

A. R. Lewis