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Poetry from within

We're so proud of you

From birth to age five

His life’s just begun

The world is his oyster

Full of laughter and fun

He’s playing at soldiers

Hiding behind trees

Ducking and diving

Scuffing his knees

From six to age twelve

He’s off with his mates

Playing out of sight now

From the garden gates

He’s up to all sorts

But nothing too bad

Just being mischievous

A typical lad

A teenager now

The arguments begin

He’s pushing the limits

He thinks he can win

Parents know nothing

They’ve never lived

His words can be hurtful

But we always forgive

Then the day comes

For choices to take

Of his chosen career

What a decision to make

“What shall I do?”

“What can I be?”

“I want to choose something

To make you proud of me”

He thinks and he thinks

Till his mind is sore

Then suddenly one day

Opportunity knocks on the door

A television advert

Come take our test

To see if you are ready

To be one of THE BEST

“That’s it I’ve got it,

That’s what I’ll be!”

“I’ll be a soldier,

I’ll serve my country”

So it’s off to Scotland

He tries his best

To make the selection

Ahead of the rest

Then the day comes

When the letter arrives

He opens it carefully

There’s hope in his eyes

“It’s yes, YES I’ve made it

They want me in”

“And they’ve given me a date

When I can begin”

We’re so proud of you son,

We knew you’d get through

Your dreams of being a soldier,

Have finally come true

So much training to do son,

Far away from home

But we’ll always be there for you love,

On the end of the phone

A whole new world now

Has opened for you

Just keep on trying

You’ll make it through

It will not be easy

The training you’ll do

But it’s the only way

To make a Man out of you

Pass out day comes

He’s standing there proud

And looking for his family

Amongst the crowd

The ceremony begins

You can’t help but cry

So proud of your soldier

As he passes by

Then he’s off to Battalion

To his chosen career

He receives word of his posting

This you don’t want to hear

You knew it would happen

But you didn’t want to face

That he’s to be posted

To a sandy place

The day then comes

To say your goodbyes

You’re trying to hide

The tears in your eyes

And so it begins

Months full of worry

You hope and you pray

They pass by in a hurry

A few weeks pass by

You’ve not even heard

A single phone call

Not a single word

You can’t help but worry

You don’t sleep at night

And there on the news

What a terrible sight

The base has been hit

It’s been ‘raining’ all night

Your worries and fears

Turn to panic and fright

You close your eyes

And hold back the tears

As you reminisce

On his childhood years

You think of those soldiers

Who’ve been wounded or fallen

And you pray for peace now

For those poor lives that are stolen

You think of the families

Of the heartache they bear

And you cannot help it

Their sorrow you share

You pray for his safety

For his mates as well

They shouldn’t be there

In that place of hell

Then at last he’s calling

From out of the blue

You thank God they’re ok

Your prayers they’ve come true

He’ll be home soon now

From that sandy place

And you cannot wait

To see his smiling face

When the day comes

He seems much older

But you hug and you kiss him

Your brave little soldier

So to all of our soldiers

Wherever you are

We stand and salute you

Our shining stars

You fight for our freedom

Being honest and true

And we just want to say that


Michaela Turner

FootNote: By Michaela Turner (aka Kale) proud mum of a serving soldier

Poem Background info: My son is currently serving in Iraq on his first tour, he is only 19 and strange as it may seem, he is loving every minute of it. I wrote this poem with him in mind but also to every parent who has a son currently out on operations… this could be them. It is in support of all our serving soldiers and although it is written around a male soldier, it in no way undermines the hard work and determination that our female soldiers do and it is in respect of these brave young women as well as the men.